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:lol: You must back to the start. Do SEO task for your site. :lol:

shruchi nagar
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I like to suggest few things.
Firstly,your site might be not crawled yet by Google or Yahoo.
Secondly,the title you made is not correct in the sense that keyword for which you are searching is not at proper position.
Thirdly,other than this the description must be correct and there are other factors also.

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Google SERP affected by title update

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Title is the most important tag, so the most search engines pay extra attention to it. It has to have the most important keywords of your site content. If your content doesn't have those new keywords then you have to put them in. As a part of optimization you probably created some backlinks to your site using old keywords within anchor text of those backlinks. Since you change your title you probably have to start creating some new backlinks relevant to your new title or change anchor text on existing links if it's possible. Of course there are many other different factors affect the site ranking and you have to apply many changes based on your new title. Another words you have to start promoting your new title. IMO

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jj1 wrote:When we moved from a small town to a slightly larger one, I changed the title tag to reflect the new town - and also changed the content, h1 tags etc to reflect the new town.

At that point, our site was 8 months old and we had been no 1 for the previous (smaller) town; however for the next 4 months nothing I did could raise us above no 9 for "website design bury st edmunds" - every change I made, we rose up in the serps for a few hours and then sank back down again. Then after 4 months - at about the time our site became a year old - we suddenly started rising and are now no 1 for our town.

I always believed that Google put some form of "change filter" on our site - although it could possibly have been due to the site becoming a year old. I know I have read elsewhere that major changes to title keywords can result in your site being treated like a new site - presumably to stop people avoiding hte sandbox by taking over old domain names???

Take heart though - filters don't last forever. Also, don't forget that all the links to your site will have anchor text for your old keywords.
thanks for your suggestion

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create a interesting and unique content and submit it to different social bookmarking sites.

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Changing your title tag could really affect your ranking. So you really need to be careful in choosing the keywords for the title tag. If you want to get traffic from those kws, you need to start building links. It's another tedious job for you to accomplish.

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Re: how can I do

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thereplicabags wrote:last week, I changed my website's title tag, and now, I couldn't get any traffic from google, Yahoo. what and how can I do now? help me !
Dont worry, continue to do some good SEO for your site. This happens initially if some changes are made to a site. But slowly you can regain the position with constant SEO efforts for the site.

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