Can Personality Marketing Be Aligned With Digital Marketing Strategies?

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Can Personality Marketing Be Aligned With Digital Marketing Strategies?

Postby SantosCardoso » Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:42 am

Personality marketing is gaining real popularity as the advancements in marketing are growing. A wise individual can easily be differentiated from the herd of human on the basis of personality. For instance, an intelligent individual would be visible among those who are not intelligent only on the basis of personality. It is similar for branding and products. Like the concept of Purple Cow from Seth God in, it is necessary for brands to differentiate themselves from the herd in order to gain maximum exposure.

Another important evolution in the marketing industry is search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is one of most important parts of digital marketing. It can be explained with the fact that majority of the people turn to Google when they need to search something. For instance, if a person is interested in buying a laptop, he/she turns to Google to learn about its specifications and deals. Now this is where PPC and SEO play a vital role. If your brand is outsourced to the right SEO company then it is going to be ranking high on relevant keywords which will definitely help you gain some leads as well as sales.
Now my point is that personality marketing has its own importance and so does SEO and PPC. Aligning SEO and PPC to the personality marketing of the client will result in targeting consumers on interest and personality traits of the brand or product. So the question is can it work and is it possible? Secondly how impact it is going to be for the digital marketing efforts of the brand or company?

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Re: Can Personality Marketing Be Aligned With Digital Marketing Strategies?

Postby thomasluff » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:18 am

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