Using These ASO Tutorial to Get 10 Millon+ App Installs

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Using These ASO Tutorial to Get 10 Millon+ App Installs

Postby torieyang » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:20 am

More and more brands every day are opting for including mobile apps in their digital marketing strategies. A good design and the experience of users are key to conquer a user’s phone, but creating an awesome app is only half the job done, you also need to have a great promotion plan up your sleeve to make it known.
Here is some ASO tutorial for you to promote your app and get more app installs.

1. Attractive Icon
The app icon is the first thing for the potential users to locate your app in the search results after searching your app name. An attractive icon can make a deep impression on users. A great app icon should be simple, memorable and beautifully designed, and it should convey the main purpose of the app .
2. Localization
Users prefer to spend time on mobile games and apps that are in their native language. It's a great deal less expensive and time-consuming to localize your existing app or game than it is to create a new one.
3. Qualified App Ratings and Reviews
Ratings and reviews are a natural way to increase app installs. A higher-rated app with more reviews will rank higher than other apps in its category. Potential users browsing app stores may also be influenced by high ratings, leading to an increased amount of conversions.
4. Regularly Update and Upgrade
It will make your users feel they are concerned, their problems are fixed and their suggestions are adopted. This will be helpful to encourage them to stick and engage with your app. What's more, the app store will think you are doing a great job to your app.

App promotion is a constant process. You can have a try of these ways, and you will find you can get more app installs after doing it. Don't miss if you want to get success in mobile app marketing.

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