Google is driving me crazy....Plz Help

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Google is driving me crazy....Plz Help

Post by carolinejames »

Hi everyone,

I am in a big time trouble. The website that i am taking care of used to be in the first page for many competitive keywords. Then strangely I couldnot see my site in first three page for any keywords. Now it's been 2 months and yesterday the ranking were further down and now my site is not coming anywhere in first 9 pages. Is this some kind of 30 or 90 penalty?

Plz Help

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Post by mandmseo »

Make sure that you are consistently updating your site. If you don't update the site, robots will not continue to view it. Make sure that your content is not old, and it will definately help you. Make sure also that you are getting more quality links going to your site. Each time you add a new "quality link" it will help.

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Post by aconstas1 »

I agree, you cant just get to the top and stop... because the people under you are wanting your spot and working to beat you for it. keep optimizing.

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Post by princess »

patience my dear.. patience :) Each day your rankings can change, that's why SEO is a continuous process. you have to optimize your site consistently to gain and maintain good rankings

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Post by cooluks »

still continue your link building.... Google now is in big fluctuation.. maybe they are changing their algorithm or maybe they are up to something....

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Post by easycash81 »

Dont worry my friends PATIENCE always in the long run
MY website is up for almost 4 months and i even has.nt got any PR as yet but that dont stop me from working .

Regarding your problems what i can say is dont change your website ( style, colours etc) too often

my site drops if i do that
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Post by neilb »

:) Hi Caroline,

First things first, try not to panic. The are loads of reasons why it can happen (many of them wont be your fault either) but unless you have been playing the 'black hat' game we should be able to fix this.

Now like everyone else has said, carry on with your seo campaign for the site, as long as your seo campaign consists of building high quality pages with unique and relevant content, building natural inbound links at 'natural pace' and not keyword stuffing.

A good place to start is with the easy stuff. Has google started indexing a page it shouldnt e.g a https version of your homepage or This is common and can shoot your rankings straight down.

Do you have duplicate content? Do you have 2 versions of your site like a .com and a If so have you got them as 2 sites with duplicate content or have you got a 301 pointing to one? Have you searched a chuck of your content in google to see if someone has scraped your site?

There is prob enough to get you started there. If you want more help just let me know and i will post some more stuff. If you want me to take a quick look at the site to see if i can spot the problem for you pm me the url (as I understand that you wont want to publish the url if its a clients site)

Hope i have been at least a little help

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Post by Ka-canor »

SEO is a continues process, Much better if you research more for update.

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Get more links

Post by BTDINO »

Google may have devaluing some your backlinks or you have lost some links to your site

just becareful to only get good links avoid link networks like got links etc

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Post by vietnamimpressive »

quality inbound links are good but I donot think google will devaluate the low ranking sites
every site must start the pr at 0 then gradually, they will grow up. if you have your partner 1000 links of 1 or 2 then after 3 months, all they grow up to pr4, then what is effect?

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