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Links exchange - many themes and good PR2-6

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 1:18 pm
by wilson
Hi all!

Welcome to links exchange:

Literature and books: - main PR6, links PR5-PR4 - main PR5, links PR2-PR4 - main PR3

Information technology, computering and developing - main PR5, links PR4 - main PR3, Links PR3

Sport: - main PR5, links PR3-PR2 - main PR4, links PR3

Fishing: - main PR3, ;inks PR2 - main PR3 - main PR2 - main PR3, links PR2-PR3

Education: - main PR4 - main PR3

Attorney: - main PR4, links PR3

Music: - main PR3 - main PR3, links PR3

Calling and phone cards: - main PR4, links PR2 - main PR4, links PR2

Designers Handbags: - PR5, links PR4-PR3 - main PR5, links PR3 - main PR5, links PR4

Mattress: - main PR5

Catalogs: - main PR4, links PR3 - main PR5, links PR4 - main PR5, links PR4 - main PR5, links PR4 - main PR5, links PR3 - main PR5, links PR3 - main PR5, links PR3

Please, all request email at with subject Links exchnage.

P.S. Real PR you can check at

Links exchange

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2006 3:16 am
by Dompavlov
I would like to exchange links with your website.

My website is travel related: . GPR4.
I'm interested in links exchange if you add my link to the pages with GPR no less than 2.

I have opportunity to add your link to my pages with GPR 2, 3, 4

My html code:
<a href="" target="blank">Dompavlov Travel Ukraine</a><br/> Travel to Ukraine. Individual and group tours, escort travel, courier service. Black Sea vacations. Dating tours. Hotels, accommodation for rent. Visit Kiev, Odessa, Lviv etc. Ukrainian Travel Agency .Free dating message board. Travel forums. Sightseeing information.

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 3:31 am
by wilson
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