What sites accept guest blog posts?

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What sites accept guest blog posts?

Postby chrismcdonald » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:13 am

Guest Posting is not just a way for getting backlinks rather it helps to increase your brand awareness to the new audience.

For the beginners who don’t know what is guest blogging? Here is the definition which you should know before moving ahead.

Guest blogging is the traditional way to promote your web blog or website. In this strategy, you may post your article or blog post on others blog by getting their permission for posting. By this way, both of you can gain benefits of posting two blogs together.

In My Words, Guest Blogging is a way to allow your users to post on your blog. It will be too useful for your blog and also for your Visitor. It will boost your blog traffic and also increase the popularity of author of that article and he will also get traffic to his blog from your blog.

Guest blogging is the best every way for the beginners who just started to promote their blog. But is it hard to find blogs that accept guest posts?

I don’t think so?

You can easily find blogs that accept guest posts by typing these search queries:

Your Niche + “Write For Us”
Your Niche + “Guest Post Guidelines”
Your Niche + “Submit A Guest Post”

If you are looking for paid then there are lots of sites that are accepting, These are the most popular blogs.

Basic Blog Tips
The RedHead Writing Blog
Daily Blog Tips
Blog Godown
Blogging Tips
Smart Bloggerz
Famous Bloggers
John Chow
Problogging Success
Quick Online Tips
We Blog Better

If you want to submit you go through https://www.completeconnection.ca/ as well.
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Re: What sites accept guest blog posts?

Postby Joness » Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:54 am

Hi! We allow guest post exchange here at https://www.itechart.com

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