Medical Facilities Choose Indoor Wayfinding to Improve Patient Experience

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Medical Facilities Choose Indoor Wayfinding to Improve Patient Experience

Postby PigeonSrisys » Tue Sep 04, 2018 4:26 am

Most patients and visitors to large medical facilities find navigating within the facility a complex and cumbersome task. In order to improve patient experience hospitals are now looking towards indoor wayfinding technologies which can be used via smart phones.

For visitors of a medical facility, finding the desired location by navigating through long corridors with multiple rooms on either side, locating doctors’ chambers with rows and columns of chairs outside them and finding their way to designated diagnostic services and labs, the cafeteria, a rest room, etc aren’t always easy to reach.

To alleviate this problem, indoor positioning and navigation technology is the solution.

US based software development firm Srisys Inc has built Pigeon, an indoor positioning and navigation app which aids in large facility management. The CEO of Srisys Mr. Sajja says, “While we have Global Positioning System (GPS) to help people navigate outdoors, there is a dearth of innovative technologies which can help users navigate and locate spaces inside a large facility such as a medical facility. Pigeon is one such technological platform to help users with effortless navigation once inside a facility.”

He also added that “With features such as indoor positioning and navigation, scope for sending instant updates and notifications, and optimal space for advertising among others, Pigeon is unique app which aids in superior facility management.”

The Pigeon app has been upgraded constantly to suit the management of medical facilities. Users of the app also receive vital safety alerts and information to ensure they are clear about the plan of action in case of any unforeseen occurrence.

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