Food Wrap Film - A Peeling Solution To Plastic Wrap

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Food Wrap Film - A Peeling Solution To Plastic Wrap

Postby Akshy123 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:34 pm

Food wrap films are used to wrap food products to protect them from contamination, keep food fresh and enhance the shelf life of the food. Food wrap films are generally used for short-term preservation of prepared food.

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Besides, they are also used to package confectioneries like chocolate and to wrap processed food such as meat & sea-food to keep them fresh for an extended period. Furthermore, food wrap films are used to pack ready-to-eat food items.

The global market for food wrap films is segmented as per material type and end use. The growing demand for on-the-go food and requirement of the increased shelf life of food items from the consumers is acknowledged as a critical factor driving the food wrap films market.

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