Save hours of time posting links

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Save hours of time posting links

Post by Goodlinks »

Get a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP at Start automating the process of getting link partners to your website. will help you get lots of quality link partners to your website. By using the advanced membership
features of the site, your website will get more traffic and rank better in the search engines. You will save hours of time
by not having to make link requests manually. The software will create a link directory on your website, and you'll receive
link exchange requests from people filling in your link request form at your site, and you'll also receive emails from webmasters
in the directory who are interested in exchanging links with your site. To see a sample of a directory created by the software,
click: Notice that the directory blends in seamlessly with the site design. This
is what the program will do you for your site as well, and it uses a template file from one of your pages to slot in your
directory table for all your links pages.

With the advanced membership, the tedious and time consuming chores of cutting and pasting html code, uploading files to
your server, and emailing other potential link partners are done automatically by the site. All you do is login and either
approve or reject the link exchange requests with a click of your mouse! It will save you LOTS of time spent tracking down
relevant link partners and posting their code to your html pages. The site also has a backlink checker to help you maintain
your links one you have exchanged them, and you'll be able to either hide or delete links which no longer link back to your site.
This is an important feature and Google and other search engines calculate your rankings based on such factors including
your link popularity and the types and number of pages linking to your site, and the pages you link out to as well.

You can send private messages to other webmasters and trade articles to help your interior pages rank better, and you
can also set filters for the types of websites that you are interested in receiving link requests from in their directory.

If you want to start automating the process of getting links, simply complete the FREE registration at
and wait until your membership is upgraded within 24 hours. LE is only giving out 2000 free upgrades to the advanced features
of the site. After you register your website and activate your account, you will receive a welcome email for the advanced membership.
This email will contain the 5 steps you need to perform to get your advanced membership setup. The upgrade is FREE and
as soon as you receive your welcome email, your advanced membership is ready. Simply follow the 5 steps by creating your database,
logging in and downloading the script, uploading the script to your server, and finishing with the site wizard to complete the setup process.
It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and once it's done you won't have to do it again! :>

If you have any problems setting up your advanced membership, simply send in a ticket at the support desk which is at and be sure to include all the fields in the ticket. Support will get your directory setup
for you quickly. You can also explore the knowledgebase and FAQ for answers to your questions and view some videos in the support
desk for help on getting setup with the advanced membership.

Link-Exchangers will go to a paid subscription of $20/month after there are 2000 members. You may add 2 additional websites and
receive the FREE upgrade for all 3 sites. :> You'll find it much easier to manage 3 link directories with the advanced membership than
by doing your links manually. You only need to create one login to add your additional sites.

So be sure to grab your FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP before they're all gone!
Scot King
"Grab a FREE Lifetime membership while you can!"

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Post by princess »

great offer but i always love to do things my own :)

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Post by easycash81 »

how can that offer help a new site like

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