free keyword suggestion tools other than overture

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free keyword suggestion tools other than overture

Post by mandy »

Friends, can you please suggest me the free keyword suggestion tools other than overture?

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Post by ben_tambling » <- this can help you too..

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Post by jean »

google has a tool that I often use. I have found it to be pretty good, but I use google for everything!
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Post by alvis »

you can try and

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Post by jasonk1234 »

the google adwords keyword suggestion tool is one of my favorite. thanks for the other links as well

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Post by kenneth.robert » keyword research tool othe than overture.

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Post by seoguy101 » has a great keyword research tool that allows you to export the results to MS Excel. Than you can search for multiple keywords and put them all into one spreadsheet, and sort them by # of searches. I think this is the best way to make a comprehensive list of good keywords.

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Post by nivea_david »

wordtracker, google adword and vre toolbar also provides some good suggestions for keywords based on monthly search volume.
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Post by Aliska.Helenka »

wordtracker and google adwords - it's not really free tools, right? Or is there a possiblity for free account?

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Re: free keyword suggestion tools other than overture

Post by riyajindal »

Keyword Planner is the best tool

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Re: free keyword suggestion tools other than overture

Post by vickykris »

For a free keyword suggestion tool, You can always go for Keyword planner in google Adwords. Because it is free and it is developed by Google and also there are some of the better tools that can be used to get a better results but most of them are paid tools so it will be better option for you to go for a paid tool like AHREF and many more.

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