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your keyword are too competitive pls chose two or three phrase keywords for better & fast result.

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I agree with idsc

ldsc wrote:your keyword are too competitive pls chose two or three phrase keywords for better & fast result.

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When I establish keywords I try to avoid the "one word keyword phraze". The reason is because one word can easily be used in sentences that give to that word a different meaning. People rarely search for only one word. And the competition is extremely high.

I don't think that you want people that search for :
how to maintain the health in cold conditions for dogs
nutrition for dogs

The search querryes may be a little bit forced but I think I made my point. I want people that know what they want to come to y web site.

I've noticed on your web site that few pages had the same title : "Mannatech, Inc" . You have duplicate titles and this title is almost useless ; I think you could target some interesting phrases for your web site.

Check the traffic for some keywords with Google Keyword External Tool.

PS : I agree with ldsc

Good luck

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Post by Copybuild »

I suggest your target keywords that has less competition but has a high volume of searches. But of course, targeted search terms must be related to your site. :)
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"health" is very generic keyword, choose more targeted.
Skin care - very commercial one. Try to add some specific words like: skin care free information, skin care latest review...

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try to look the best keyword. Your keyword is not searchable, try to change it.

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Try using Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion tool wherein you can check your keyword's search volume

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