Plz suggest keywords for environment friendly vehicles site

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I'd suggest you use a free keyword tool. Goolgle has one and you can try wordtracker. Gives you lots of ideas.

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Re: Plz suggest keywords for environment friendly vehicles s

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vinaykagarwal wrote:Hello,
Pico-Car differs from other sites in three important ways. First, the information about vehicles is compiled manually from multiple articles and sources and presented in a concise form. A reader can get the same information elsewhere but only after reading multiple articles. Second, the entire site content is categorized by a human site-editor ensuring consistency and relevancy across the content. Third, the content is presented in form of slide shows so that a reader can get the information with the least effort.

Why are you giving us this informations if you want keywords? You shall tell us better what is the topic of your site, not if the user would be pleased by browsing it or not.

Anyway, you have to do what is called "keyword brainstorming", and im sure you will do it better than anyone else if you are an expert on your site's topic.

There are also many tools to help, but nothing as your brain. Just use it:)

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Id suggest trying wordtracker. Its pointless trying to push a site unless you have a good goal to follow. You need to be clear on your keywords, not just guess them or get others to throw random ideas at you.

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Save money, free exercise (walking)

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