Ideal amount of keywords?

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Post by akai10 »

what I think is that the less the number of keywords you target per page its better. the focus is not shared...
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Post by andrewsmith »

I think 4 or 5 keywords are good to work for. these are popular keyword for relate to your site!
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Post by explorer »

Not all words can be summed up or compressed to one but it all depends upon the basic words most of us will think. We always desire easy search and find.
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Post by abbiabe »

There is no standard of use keyword. But I think u can use 3-4 keyword which mostly use in your site.
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Post by probafix »

Maximum keywords as possible.
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Re: Ideal amount of keywords?

Post by Harmain »

explain your question it is not understanable...
how can any answer you even he understand your query?

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Post by bayoisa »

I think a fair amount would be around 5 per page? Once in the title, in the heading and throw in a few in the description.
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Post by mdamin76 »

Remember, lesser keyword gives you more chance on performing.

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Re: Ideal amount of keywords?

Post by zenith0213 »

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Re: Ideal amount of keywords?

Post by MelbourneMarketing »

Are you referring to the keyword density? Because if this what you are referring to, then you have to know that mentioning your main keywords at least once for every 100 words of your content would suffice. It would be best also if you will use relevant keywords as well. One thing to note though, do not compromise the quality and readability of your content for keywords. Even if you do use keywords, make sure that they won't sound forced when read. Your first concern should be about how well your content can be read and not the keywords density or amount.

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Re: Ideal amount of keywords?

Post by shakilabarbosa »

Your question is rather vague. Please specify what you want to know about your next post. This will help us understand what you really want to convey through your message.

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Re: Ideal amount of keywords?

Post by IT Staffing »

I think the ideal amount of keyword is 3-5.

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Re: Ideal amount of keywords?

Post by JFJohn57 »

I think 5-6 is enough.

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Re: Ideal amount of keywords?

Post by RashidS »

Amount of Keywords depend on the length of your content. Keyword ratio is 2% for 500 words blog.
You can check the amount of keyword by following formula
Keyword Density = (Nkr / Tkn) x 100

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Re: Ideal amount of keywords?

Post by VictorHill »

2 to 3 % keywords are sufficient in per hundred word content. Also use synonyms of keywords on your content.

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