Keywords vs metatags ?

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by sonywedtrop »

Just when I finally stopped getting the dreaded "Do I need commas or no commas in my Meta keyword tag" question, there's been a new stream of Meta tag questions being asked at the forum and in my email box. I'm not sure of the reason for the sudden interest, but it's probably because people are starting to worry about other engines besides Google now. I have written articles about all of the tags, but it seems like a brief summary is probably in order.

It's important to note that there's a big difference between Title tags, Meta description tags and Meta keywords tags. First of all, the Title tag is *not* a Meta tag. So if you see/hear me say something about Meta tags, I'm by no means talking about the Title tag.

Title tags are extremely important towards your goal of achieving high search engine rankings. What you write in these tags can indeed affect how your site ranks in all the major engines. (See the recently updated "All About Title Tags") You should always work your major phrases into the Title tags on your pages, and make sure that each page of your site uses a unique tag.

Meta description tags, on the other hand, don't actually appear to affect your rankings in the search engines. Still, they are very worthwhile to use because they allow you to control the description of your listing in some engines for some search queries. (See my past newsletter article, "Getting a Great Google Description".) The gist of that article is that your Meta description will show in the search results only *if* it happens to use the exact phrase that has been queried at the search engine. So use this tag for marketing purposes, i.e., to entice people to click on *your* link as opposed to the other 10 in the search results.

Meta keywords tags are a different animal altogether. Google, for one, doesn't pay any attention to it. I've tested this myself, and am 100% positive that Google doesn't index the words placed in the Meta keywords tag. Yahoo (and all of its search properties) plus Teoma/Ask Jeeves, do look at the Meta keywords tag, and do index its contents. BUT, and this is a huge BUT, that doesn't mean that filling this tag the same keywords you've optimized your page for will boost it in the rankings.

Let me say that again.

Just because Yahoo knows what words you've put in the Meta keywords tag does not mean that the words you put in there will give your page a boost.

To me it's common sense.

Let's say you've optimized a page for "black hat SEOs." So, you've used that phrase in your Title tag, you've written your content about black hat SEOs, and you've got some links pointing to the page that use "black hat SEOs" in the clickable portion of the link. Do you really think that also adding "black hat SEOs" to your Meta keywords tag would be just the thing it needs to get it found for that phrase in Yahoo? I don't. Maybe, just maybe if 2 sites were identical except one had the phrase "black hat SEOs" in the Meta keywords tag, that one would show first, but 2 sites are never identical. (Plus the engines are always trying to put a stop to duplicate content.)

Does this mean you shouldn't use the Meta keywords tag? No, not at all. You certainly don't *have to* use it, as it shouldn't affect your rankings for the keyword phrases that matter to you most; however, you could still use it for phrases that are somewhat obscure and just don't belong visibly on your page. I talked about this a couple of years ago in this article: "No Meta Keywords". I really think that misspellings and technical synonyms are the best (and possibly only) use for this tag.

As to the age-old comma/no comma question (and I actually did get this one asked today!), it makes no difference. Commas are seemingly invisible to search engines, so it's pretty much the same thing to them whether you use them or not!

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion about Meta tags, and to also clarify that when I say that Meta tags are dead that I'm most definitely not talking about Title tags, as they are not a Meta tag. And I'm not talking about the marketing value of a Meta description tag. Certainly, if it makes you feel good to use your Meta keywords tag and put your main keyword phrases in there, then more power to you. It won't hurt anything, and who knows...maybe that page that fits the "all else being equal" scenario will show up one day and you'll have them beat by a Meta keyword! ;-)

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by Kyrie »

keywords these are the terms or words or phrase that you use.... so your website is visible at in every searches in search engine....

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by voyageafrica »

While it is a technique that is being phased out, knowing the difference between META keywords and "keywords" used in search engines is must for bringing more traffic to your website.

Keywords are the terms individuals use when searching on engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If I were to search for a 2008 Ford Mustang, I might use the keywords "Ford Mustang 2008 Sports Car Reviews." In the past, if a web developer put <META name="keywords" content="ford, mustang, meta, tags, guide"> in the <HEAD> of their HTML, they might have attracted a search engine user to their site, but with the decline of META keywords, such abuse is nearly impossible.

While META keywords have become obsolete, knowing what keywords Internet users are using is essential to driving traffic to your site.


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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by mrandrei »

Keywords are words or phrases that you wanna target for a specific page or site. Metatags are tags you put in the codes, which consist of title, description and keywords.

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by YooHee »

graphic designer wrote:What is the difference between keywords and metatags ?

meta tags are the tags you put on your website that helps your website to be crawled and index on search engines,

while keywords, are the terms or phrases that help your website to be search, and also these are the one you put on your your meta tags to help your website to rank on that keyword.... D:
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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by John Dale »

Keywords are useful in off-page SEO. Where we have to target different keywords for DS, Forum, Article , PR, etc..

Metatags are useful in on-page SEO. Where we have to promote some description which shows in search engine and on head of Browser.

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by pram01 »

The appropriate keywords to focus on each page is extremely important. These keywords are the foundation of everything your page is. You should build your page around these keywords as they are what you hope to list under. They meta keyword tag is not very valuable. What?

Many "spammers" were keyword stuffing inside the meta tags so the search engines adjusted their algorithms to lower the value of the meta keywords tag. Yahoo! Search & Inktomi officially supports the keyword tag, and Teoma only unofficially supports the keyword tag. All other major search engines do not claim to support the meta keyword tag, and some search engine experts such as Danny Sullivan say that they do not even use a keyword tag anymore.

The keywords you focus each page upon are important, but the keywords tag carries little weight in modern search algorithms. The keywords a page is focused on should be used throughout the various page elements, but the page copy should read well to human eyes.

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

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Meta description tags allow you to have a more active role in telling the search engines just what information is included in your web pages. The Meta description tags for your website could simply be the first few sentences of your content, which should outline the information in your site. When formulating the Meta description for a web page it is typically acceptable to stay within 200-250 characters when creating this tag.
keyword tags can be a way to reinforce the keywords that exist on your website for a very select few of browsers. Meta keyword tags allow you to provide additional text for crawler-based search engines to index your site along with your website content. Without even a bit of discretion I will tell you that Meta keywords are a waste of time! Major search engines like Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo etc. do not base ANY website SEO (search engine optimization) on Meta keywords

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by clubZa »

Keywords are the one being search in search engines. Metatags are the one who are important in our site for onpage process.

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by fakibaz »

Keyword is must but meta tag is not so important i think..
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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by Michelle01 »

Google ranking will not use the keyword meta tag。
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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

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Re: Keywords vs metatags ?

Post by excellencecode »

Keywords means the search terms used by the users to find websites.

Meta tag is completely different. Metatg includes Metatitle, Meta description and meta keywords.

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