Do keywords in the URL greatly really increase SEO?

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Do keywords in the URL greatly really increase SEO?

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My website design firm doesn't want to change the urls of my website to include keywords because they say it will cheapen my website when it comes up in searches. I kinda agree with them.

How big of a factor are keywords in URLs?


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Post by mrLenin »

A web site's URL can serve many purposes. One of those purposes is to improve the site's visibility and rankings on the search engines. This worksheet focuses exclusively on choosing a domain name for optimization purposes. Remember that a URL can serve other purposes, therefore, these suggestions will not and should not be followed exactly in all cases. After all, there are many factors in developing a online business in addition to its search engine rankings.

It should also be noted that not all factors in choosing a domain name are directly related to the search engine ranking algorithms. Many of the following tips contribute to the success of the overall optimization campaign because they relate to more important factors such as keyword density, link popularity, and terms of service compliance.

Register "top level domains" (TLD's) only.

* Safe extensions for the US market include:
* Many foreign extensions may be filtered out by regional-sensitive indexes.
* There is a certain level of credibility associated with TLDs that is not afforded to .biz, .us, or other secondary extensions.

Choose a domain containing targeted keywords.

* Most major search engines and directories factor the URL into their ranking algorithms.
* Every time you list the URL in the site's copy you're improving on the page's keyword density.
* The URL is often referenced as the name of your site when providing links from outside sources -- one factor that can exponentially increase the value of a link popularity campaign.

Use hyphens to separate words.

* On most engines, the hyphen (-) is read as a space.
* This technique allows engines to recognize your URL as "keyword1 keyword2" instead of "keyword1keyword2".

Order keywords effectively.

* Structure the URL such that more important keywords are listed before those that are less important to your target. If you are targeting the keyword "widgets" then would be more effective than
* When dealing with an indexing technology that treats the hyphen as a stop, this technique will allow the engine to recognize the first and more important keyword of the set.

Mind the length.

* Stick to two or three keywords, separated by hyphens.
* A long, complex URL is less likely to be accepted by directory editors sites from which you would like to receive links.
* You can always integrate additional keywords into the URL by naming pages using a similar keyword3-keyword4.htm strategy.

Make sense.

* For the purpose of directory submissions and link popularity campaigns, your URL should be grammatically correct.
* If read by an editor, "" might sound like a less-reliable resource whereas "" sounds more legitimate and is less likely to be questioned.

Integrate "power words" as necessary.

* In many keyword markets, most of the good URLs are already reserved.
* One way to create a unique domain name that is still available is to add another less important word to the mix.
* Some examples include: now, top, just, pro, guide, online, find

Follow these simple rules to gain a head start on the optimization process before even beginning the content or link development processes.

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Post by hadiyarobins »

keywords in site url indicates the theme of the site and it increases the visibility of site in search engine for those perticular keywords.

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Re: Do keywords in the URL greatly really increase SEO?

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Thankyou for sharing this useful information!

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