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Postby EmmaMckay » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:14 am

What should I do for increase Pinterest engagements?

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Re: Pinterest

Postby Billy93 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:29 pm

This social network is quite new for me. I mainly use it to search for ideas of design.

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Re: Pinterest

Postby GuitarPrince » Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:51 am

The Comment – This is a no-brainer. Try to take some time to comment on the pins of other users on Pinterest. Engagement breeds engagement. A “quick” version of this is to “like” a pin, but making a comment takes it one step further. Doing both is even better!

The Share – as with RTs (Retweets) on Twitter, and Shares on Facebook, this is a quick way to nod your head and say that you appreciate something that someone has pinned and you want to tell others about it. On Pinterest this is known as the Re-pin and this is really what you want – for other people to “re-pin” your Pins (especially if it is your content and all links lead back to your website via the URL that you pin). The same goes for you – if you like something and you appreciate it – share it by Repinning it on one of your boards.

The Thank You – This is the one that is (mostly) so far overlooked on Pinterest, and by doing it, you could bring yourself some great engagement with other Pinners. On Twitter, it is courteous to “thank” others for their Retweets (or RTs) of your information by Tweeting the person and mentioning them in your tweet. On Facebook, it is a good idea to comment on a post when someone shares it and tag the person to say thankyou. On Pinterest it is no different. If you see someone has repinned your Pin, then make the effort to go to their Board, and make a comment saying “thanks” for repinning.

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Re: Pinterest

Postby kumarsatish » Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:21 am

Pinterest is best social media marketing help to get good traffic on website

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Pinterest marketing strategy ideas tips

Postby chris26 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:41 am

GuitarPrince is right and has some good Pinterest marketing strategy ideas and tips. You can also list a few of the pins you like along with your own on facebook and let others see them. Make sure to seo facebook and try to keep the list of pins related to your own so people who see it on facebook find what they are looking for. If they like your pins they might repin yours also
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Re: Pinterest

Postby JossCart » Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:09 pm

One of the real tricks to get more likes and followers on any social network including Instagram is to post consistently. Slow and steady you win the race, social media is all about consistency.

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Re: Pinterest

Postby photoeditor » Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:33 am

Pinterest also a social network sites as like facebook, twitter etc.It also registration or sign up process is same with any active email id.
Complete sigh up the process . profile your id details and create a pin board you want to add a category. After creating board same category related things pin post on the same board.

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Re: Pinterest

Postby Ravi12 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:12 pm

Pinterest helps you find and do whatever you like. Search for dishes, style inspiration, projects and other ideas for your home.

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Re: Pinterest

Postby riyajindal » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:23 am

Looking for creative ideas? Go for Pinterest without any doubt. It is the most amazing social media platform on which we can share information and ideas through high-quality images.
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Re: Pinterest

Postby dpkcotton » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:38 am

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