Journey Instagram Domination Squad [CASE STUDY]

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Journey Instagram Domination Squad [CASE STUDY]

Postby BillionaireEmpire » Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:14 am


I am TheDutchLegend. I am from Netherlands. I am doing instagram very long time. I have tried many things and many methods. Now i am going to try to maximize my earnings with Instagram. I am going to grow 10 Instagram Accounts from 0 followers to 100k followers and then monetize them by doing Instagram or shoutouts or even sell them for 5000$ each . But mostly i am going to do this journey to maximize the growth. I am now receiving 100-400 new followers daily. But i want to achieve more.


10 HQ Proxies
10 HQ Instagram Accounts
A bot to follow, like, unfollow and post


10 Accounts 5K Followers each
10 Accounts 10K Followers each
10 Accounts 25K Followers each
10 Accounts 50K Followers each

Total investement

If you have any questions for me or you need help let me know by leaving here a post or with contacting me!
I would love to help hackforums community!

And yes yes yes, another journey! But now i have a clear goal and clear plan to start with :D:D
I am going to update every week! But i can't guarantee! Stay subscribed!

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