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If you need account for Adwords or Facebook

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:27 am
by KeikoAds
Hello everyone, :wink:

As on the title, If you have problem with ads account :
- Can't run blackhat ads with your account
- Want spend big budget for ads but can't with your account
- Looking for partner helps you run your ads
- and more ...

I offer a solution from me :lol: I provide good accounts :
- BM Facebook/Adwords account
- Blackhat/Whitehat ads can run
- Can spend from $3-5k daily
- and more ...

But limit for it, this is good account that why i'm not sell. :cry:
I provide for lease only. If you got me, ping me if you really care about it :o 8)

Contact me at Skype :

Thank you for reading! :mrgreen: