video marketing!!

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video marketing!!

Post by hashif »

what is your view about video marketing...according to me its a great method to generate sales........

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Post by sammy »

I have used youtube to promote my services.It is very viral.Nothing much has been done in this field but it will soon catch up.

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Post by MarkAse »

Tube Mogul is very helpful, especially since HD video takes quite a while to upload if you do each of those individually.

It does miss a couple of significant video sites like Vimeo though.
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Post by abbypeng »

Upload videos to Youtube and they brought some traffic to my website now. It's worthy to try.

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Post by suzzii »

Indeed Video Marketing is a great option to increase your sales. Its been a year now that i am using this particular method visual presentation makes a difference and helps the potential customer to remember the name of our brand buy them later.

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Post by joelietz »

tonis wrote:i've already try youtube for half a year, there isn't any help for me increasing the traffic.

Are you videos any good? Are they interesting? Are they funny? Are they resourceful? You might want to rehash your video strategy and try again. Post your videos to your blog too or other places where you do already have a good deal of traffic to help give them an initial boost.

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Post by apas »

I think video marketing is the tops! If you have a great video, and it's seen on most video sites, then it can truly impact your SEO positively.

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Post by geyser »

videos can easily go viral and its the reason why a lot of people adds videos on their marketing campaign. it also helps to improve your business exposure and drive huge amount of traffic to your site.

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Post by leahmarie »

Having videos generate traffic for your site using youtube and other video sharing sites have good effects on your site but only for traffic purposes, I don't know yet if it's effective in branding.

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Post by janicejan »

Videos are great in increasing traffic to our website, because it can clearly show or explain what we wanted, it will also enable people to stay longer to our web pages.

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Re: video marketing!!

Post by james121 »

hashif wrote:what is your view about video marketing...according to me its a great method to generate sales........

this idea comes in my mind before 2 year ago but i never told anyone , i knew that it will increase traffic. because on net mostly user wants see video. and if he will like video then he will come your site.

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Post by dee_el07 »

Video Marketing is effective if its handle in a right process. Like creating a good video for your website. And many more. ;)

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Re: video marketing!!

Post by probafix »

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Re: video marketing!!

Post by bayoisa »

It is my first time to hear video marketing. I found it unique and a nice idea. I wonder if it will boom on the market. Let's hope it is.

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