Google rule on meta tags.

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Google rule on meta tags.

Post by rohitnandan »

Does anyone know what the current character limit is for adding meta keywords and descriptions to Google?

Karan Singh
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Re: Google rule on meta tags.

Post by Karan Singh »

Meta tags can contain 4-5 keywords and description could be of 2-3 lines. I think this much is enough.

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Re: Google rule on meta tags.

Post by IT Staffing »

There are no "rules" at Google about the title element (which is not a meta tag) and the meta description and meta keyword elements. Only guidelines or suggestions...

People usually recommend keeping your title element to 65 characters or less in length because if you exceed that, your title gets truncated in the Google SERPs. But Google actually will evaluate and use the entire title for rankings regardless of length. I've run some control tests that proved that keywords at the very end of a title more than 300 characters in length were still used to rank the page.

The meta descirption should typically not exceed 145-150 characters in length because any longer than that will typically result in your meta description being truncated, assuming you have optimized your meta description in such a way that it is actually chosen by Google as the Google search snippet. However, Google will often show snippets 200, 300, or even 400 characters in length for long tail keyword phrases that consist of 3 or more keywords. So if you are targeting long tail keyword phrases, you can exceed the 150 character guideline. The meta description element is not used by Google to rank pages, but it IS important as it can increase your click-thru-rate in the SERPs if it is chosen to be shown as the search snippet.

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Re: Google rule on meta tags.

Post by kyleph »

ah, thanks for this guide. I never thought before that there is a thing like this to follow.

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