The all new Facebook Groups

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The all new Facebook Groups

Postby jack81 » Tue Oct 12, 2010 5:49 am

According to online media sources Mark Zuckerberg; CEO of the social network giant, Facebook announced the revamp for its group products on 06 October 2010. The facelift has created much controversy within the online community, however sees a brighter side in the networking world. Enabling the creator of the group to tag photographs, chat and share files within the group at the same time. The downside of it being that your friend can add you to a group without your consent and you will have to opt out if it does not interest you.

Let us give you an insight of the functionalities of the new groups on Facebook; it is an easy to use tool, which is going to save a lot of time. It helps you to limit the number of people to a selected group, so that you only share selective information among your group friends, is not that neat? You can create up to 200 groups.

Facebook Groups will enable you to perform the following functionalities:

Group Chat
E-mail listing
Document sharing
Group photo tagging
Group notification
Feature Box
Group Chat

Once you have created a group you are able to chat with all the group members who are online, which will reduce the time spent on multiple chats simultaneously.

E-mail listing

Your Facebook group has a designated group e-mail address, which enables you to share information with your group even if your friends are not online.

Document sharing

Facebook groups enable you to share text documents within the group of friends. This seems like a good opportunity for the students to share their research information remotely. It also enables the group member to edit the information on the shared document, which has a similar functionality as the articles on Wikipedia.

Group photo tagging

Are you tired of individually tagging photos? Facebook group has a solution for that as too. Now you can tag a group of friends at once.

Group Notification

When you send a message, share anything within the group or write on the group wall Facebook Groups will generate a group notification. This will drive the members back to the group page. Users can opt-out from these notifications by clicking on “Edit Notification”


Unlike the previous group, once you are a member of the Facebook Group any member can create an event on behalf of the group. This makes the user more interested and involved with the group activities.

Feature Box

On the right side of the column, you will have easy access to the shared documents and events that they have shared.

Important points of Facebook Groups

Listed below are some important points of Facebook Groups:

Groups are closed by default but can also be secret or open to everyone.
Groups are designed to be small places where friends share information.
All members of the group can participate in a group chat at the same time.
The groups you participate in most often will automatically appear in your sidebar.
Facebook believes Groups will change the way you use Facebook.
What does Facebook Groups mean to the average user?

To the average social networker this can be a fun tool to reduce the time spent on the computer. The Facebook Groups would be more fruitful since you can now convert your friend lists to a Facebook Group, providing you the proper feeling of selective sharing of information.

For an example you can create a group for your family where you can share relevant information as family photos, you can also have different groups for colleagues, batch mates, hobby groups and the list becomes endless.

How will Facebook Groups influence the e-market?

As we have read on the preceding paragraphs, Facebook Groups will create a massive impact on the e-market. Providing the marketer an opportunity to share their product features and will assist them on conducting effective viral marketing campaigns. It also creates a database of the potential client, assisting to keep in contact with the ever-growing customer base.

Few aspects that would revitalise the viral marketing campaigns:

Promoting after hours work seminars, you can select your customer related contacts group. The selected group will only see this. E-mail notification sent to the entire group will save you from the hassle of sending separate e-mailers to the client base.
Companies can create groups for the customers to use it as a Customer Relationship Management tool to share relevant information within the targeted group.
Companies can host web chats through the group chat option enabling the consumer to solve issues proactively.
Share company information internally in a more secure environment.

How does Facebook Groups function in the Social Media Marketing?

Unlike any other Social Media Marketing (SMM) tool, Facebook has opened up a new dimension to the e-market. Its unique features have brought all the tools that a Social Media Marketing company would use to promote its products. The all in one solution for Social Media Marketing has now born through the all-new Facebook Groups.

Features hosted on Facebook Groups, which links:

Determine goals
Ability to create a specific group
Optimise and refine group
Generate content and create brand awareness
Promote the profile
Run Viral Campaigns just at a click of a button
The new Facebook Groups will assist Social Media Campaigns with all the above features, making it the perfect tool for Social Media Marketing.

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Re: The all new Facebook Groups

Postby thesainted1s » Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:18 am

will this help SEO at all?
I crack my head on

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Re: The all new Facebook Groups

Postby jack81 » Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:26 am

Yes hopefully...Though theres gonna be some twists and turns.
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Re: The all new Facebook Groups

Postby cfoo » Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:08 am

I noticed it. They have enabled Group now.

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Re: The all new Facebook Groups

Postby homoeo » Wed Jan 12, 2011 3:29 am

just a few days back I tried to create one forund it is a little tough maybe for this reason. Any way I always enjoy the old facebook.

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Re: The all new Facebook Groups

Postby Danny82 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:35 am

I think it's important to understand the distinction between groups and pages here. Pages are there for businesses and organisations to create a public presence on Facebook to help them engage with their audience. Groups are for small groups (created by individuals) to share their common interests. I think that Pages offers a fantastic platform for business to push their brand messages to a highly targeted and receptive group of people in innovative ways.
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