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I agree about pagerank. Don't think you can get a good pagerank over time. It takes time. Build those inbound links. Those are the most important. Don't do FreeForAll links. Do true links from websites that are related to your content.
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My pr has not moved for 12 months but have increased ranking on all major keywords. traffic has tripled, so i dont think pr is as important as links.
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I just checked on different info about my site. ALso you may use for this purpose . To start make your PR higher necessary is to know what's going on with your site in fact.
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either could be more important depending on how many you have

if you have pr1 and 1000 backlinks, your backlinks are

if you have pr8 and 20 backlinks, your pr is

although - i double you can get pr8 with 20 backlinks, but you get my drift
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Try to get good quality inbound links.

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Getting Page Rank 6 and PR 7

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Get three or four PR7 links and your site should be PR6. Getting PR7 will be
much harder (more expensive) since
there is a logarithmic relationship between PR and the number/quality of inbound links. and teh google directory, i think yahoo has
their own directory too, those are all PR9 directories

Buy some link from pr8 and above pages, or link with a lot of pr5-7 pages.

get loads of high pr backlinks.
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Re: Getting Page Rank 6 and PR 7

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Sorry if I am not making any sense! How much will a back link from PR7 page cost generally? And does anybody know a good place to buy them? Are they bought for a year of month?
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Correct me if I am not right: If you get link from PR7 page and there are 100 links on that page, you get only 0.07PR.
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PR isnt necesarrily better than keyword ranking, but its not worse either. If you are # 1 in some obscure keyword listing, then what good is it? if your PR is high but you suck in key word ranking, you probably have good traffic and get plenty of business. Also there are those that have low PR but do just great. so neither is better than the other.
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Have you thought about offering an affiliate program? That way not only do you increase your sales via your affiliate network but you also increase your one way back links as all your affiliates link to you without requesting reciprocal links.
Is this true?
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There are several ways to Increase page rank :-- directory submission, article submission, RSS syndication,Promoting the inner page, reciprocal linking, blogs, forums...
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Yes You should

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Get as maximum quality links from the websites and you can do Link Exchanger from higher PR website or you can have paid submisions to get PR 5....
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