Google Listings keep changing

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Vazoom Candle

Google Listings keep changing

Post by Vazoom Candle »

This may sound crazy But, I have two computers and If I do a search for my website on google one computer will show my website listing while my other computer only shows all other Vazoom Candle listings and not the listing for my website. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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Post by coop99 »

The Google SERP's have been fluctuating a lot recently. DataCenters are merging, and some show different results than others.

You can track what the Google DataCenters are doing using this tool:

Google Datacenter Watch Tool by McDar

Vazoom Candle

Post by Vazoom Candle »

Thanks I will try that.

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Post by TexSurance.US »

All great input,

especially [ Google Datacenter Watch Tool by McDar ]

and I have seen allot of flux on Google too,
lets hope that's a good thing more often than not... :twisted:

but I can not help but wonder on your problem a little more,
logic tells me that if you can duplicate the " effect " of your
site listing, or lack thereof, over say 3 days straite than there
are some other steps you can take.

If you continute to duplicate this over several days you can
clear all cache, temp files, cookies of all browers and your
system if you have something like Norton Cleansweep.

If that doesn't get it, you can force a new IP address yourself
( power down everything - switch from cat 5 to usb or vis-versa )
( that's the connection from cpu to router - there are two types )
or request a replacement one from your ISP, you can tell them
your IP is getting trojen horse attacks. They'll force the new IP.

If you dial up :x than you don't need to do this because your
IP is new each time.

NOTE: If you have Cable or DSL,
if you know you are leaving your computers for over 24 hours,
always disconnect power and cat 5 ( or usb ) connect completely.

Make your router a dead paper weight / no power.

This will ensure when you return to reboot your computer and
router you will have a new IP. Always a good idea.

If you need more help, hit me up.

Good Luck.

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