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Optimisation tools

Post by skinz »

I am new to SEO and I'm looking to find a tool that will help me. I have had a look around and the market seems awash with many different products all offering a top 10 position, something I'm pretty certain none can guarantee at least for any keywords of any value. I was wondering if someone could offer some advice on which tools are useful and of course any experience they have of being burnt.

Thanks you for your help

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Post by coop99 »

Check out some of the tools here and let me know which ones you were interested in the most based on sites and web copy. I can try to give you as much advice on the ones you ask about. It would be hard to list ALL the tools since there are so many out there, like you said.

If you are looking for an automated ranking tool to do ALL the work to get you rankings, there is no such tool. I would recommend staying away from any software or tools that claim to get you top rankings.

Instead try to use tools to make your site better and more optimal for search engines.

Here are some tools for you to check out: SEO Tools

Here is another post that has some good tools:


and another:


Hope that helps a little. Check some out and I can give you advice when you narrow the list down!!

I am sure there are other members who will list their favorite SEO tools too!


Thanks for the replies

Post by skinz »

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to reply. I'm going to spend sometime researching into your replies as their is a lot of good information. As soon as i reach some conclusions I might post a further reply to get your thoughts.

Thanks again for your help

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