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Google has multiple datacenters and they aren't always synchronized on a timely basis. Use the Google Watch Tool at
to see where your page falls for your targeted keywords. Nonetheless, depending on what datacenter your search uses, your results can be dramatically different from second to second. I've watched some of my pages go up and down 90 places in a day because one datacenter has my page at number 1 and another datacenter has my page at number 90. Depending on your location and how busy your local datacenter is, your results may differ. Does that make sense? You are at their mercy until the datacenters are synchronized.
Google doesn't use keyword metatags, so you can stop wasting your time there. They are useful, don't get me wrong, but Google cares less.
You might try optimizing your page to improve your rankings.
Maybe someone else can here can provide some suggestions, too,

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