Website Sues Google over Dropped Rankings

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Post by quadra »

Very interesting...I am looking forward to the outcome of this one. There was a similar lawsuit a couple of year ago by company called "SearchKing" and Google won...however this lawsuit is a little different as it is not asking to get back in the index, it is asking for Google to let sites know if they are gonna be dropped in advance and to provide a reason why they are being dropped. It is claiming that Google is a monopoly and they should have more responsibilities. I think it is a very valid case.

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Post by coop99 »

KinderStart is wasting their time and money IMO. They should learn from the SearchKing suit and just spend more time, energy and money optimizing instead of trying to get answers from Google regarding their drop in PR. Who cares about PR anyway? The toolbar does not even show accurate PR for sites, it is delayed about 3 months so the 'real' PR number doesnt even show. KinderStart would be better off spending the money they are putting into the suit on a solid promotional campaign which focuses on organic optimization and even some Adwords/Yahoo/Adcenter type programs. That mixed in with an email campaign, article distribution and other forms of Online marketing would be a wiser decision and would waste less time. Heck, they would probably still have money left over for an offline campaign as well with maybe some radio spots and TV ads.

The only good thing I see as far as the site goes is this publicity will send a lot of views to the KinderStart site, but many of them will just click on and right off and will not have any intention of buying KinderStart products or services most of the time. Even for the amount of visitors this story and suit bring it will not convert enough sales to make up for the time and hassle the court case causes (win or loose).

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