My PR became 0. What to do?

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Link Stuffing

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Link Stuffing in PR 0 WebSites/directories can be one of the reason.

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I have a blog site i want to increase its PR from 5 to 9. How can i do it?i need your suggestion.

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This could be due to several reasons. You might have linked to a bad site which have been penalized by google. You might have voilated any TOS of google. May be due to PR update. Might be because of broken link.

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See if your De-Indexed. If you are you are banned. Apply for reinclusion. If not check your content.

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high quality of :
1) backlink
2) content
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The Same thing has happened to me several times. It is fustrating!!

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Don't get too concerned about your pagerank. It's not that essential. Having a good and stable ranking in Google is way more important. Focus on improving your SERP instead.

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go to google webmasters and it wiull tell you, have you paid for any links?

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Ya, it is better to find some more sites and place your link over there... try to get more quality and more quantity links...... that would be really help to get back to your position. As well as make sure that you are not violating the google rules...:)
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Don't worry

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You atleast have PR0. Be happy for it. Sometimes Google fluctuates the PR during toolbar updates. If there are too many irrelevant outgoing links from your site then take them off or divert to somewhere else. That should help.

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This has happend to me a few times, when my site went from 3 to 0. Usually it will go back to 3 after a few days.

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I guess you violated the rules of google. But in that case I don't understand how google works on that. Just continue link building again and be careful that you don't look as spammer.

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One of the reason could be the site that give you backlinks also lose it's PR, it would affect your PR as well.

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Re-submit your Site again to the major search engines.

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PR degrade

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I think yes , because of spamming only your PR is down right now :shock: :shock:

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