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all about page titles

Post by chuckenchile »

I have a couple questions about page titles.

first, stop words and page titles. The current main title of my site is:
"The English Portal to All Southern Chile" plus what ever specific page title apears after.

Do the stop words like "all", "the", "to", and in some respect "English" get ignored by google and other search engines? Initialy I thought the title was rich in key words, but really my top key words are "southern chile".

a related question, but regarding domains names. if the domain name is, will google, for the purposes of indexing key words, would ignore the "all", and basicly be seeing the "southernchile" portion in the domain.

Second, will mucking around with my title set me back in google?

Any othe recomendations for the site, would be apreciated.

third, ordering of the words. do they really matter in page titles? do major keywords towards the start help?

fourth, I encountered an intresting "trick" or "spam" depending on your view, where a site had loaded all their key terms, including the title of the other websites into their title dynamicaly, and their rank was very good. What would be your take on this, good idea, bad ides, makes no diffrence, google will likly crush them someday for it? I understand that there is like a 60 charachter limit, but this thing was more like war and piece in a page title.

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