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Diff. between Growth marketing agency and Traditional agency

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 5:16 am
by Nexuses
Growth Marketing and Traditional Marketing are a lot alike:

Both come from the same place, wanting to achieve growth and success for the organization, but each takes a quite different path to achieve those goals.

Growth Marketing is about making data-driven decisions through low-cost channels to achieve fast, measured increases in your metrics, Traditional Marketing focuses on building awareness through traditional media.

data analytics, technology, automation, creativity are essential components for Growth Marketing Agency. While nowadays most Traditional Marketing Agencies are focused on particular marketing technique or paid channels, Growth Marketing Agency such as Nexuses is more skilled and expert in multiple techniques and channels. And focus on the organic and long term, growth, with tactics like A/B testing, creating custom landing pages, behavioral tracking and analytics reporting, etc.

So if you are looking for Long term data-driven growth that combines both inbound and outbound marketing tactics. You should partner with A Full Service, Fully Integrated, Creative, Growth Marketing Agency like Nexuses.

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