Back link problem in google

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Back link problem in google

Post by judith »

Everyone, I am webmaster of This site decrease back link in google. But this site has good keyword, good contain and well optimize.
Kindly tell me why this problem happens and is something wrong in these resources pages so that i can remove those errors and tell me also best way of increase back link in google.

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Post by overdriveelectronics »

Google only gives the backlinks that it feels is relevant to your site. I knows about all the other backlinks like you might see in yahoo or msn. Google chooses to leave those out so it can show what quality links you have pointing to your site. There is no need to worry, googles backlinks change a lot and you just have to learn to deal with it!

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Post by etech-racheal »

To get backlinks from google it is important to optimize your site properly. Also use targeted keywords in your content. Keywords are important while getting links from google.

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Post by foreststone »

you know google only count that back link related with your site and pr4 page

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Post by AfricanMango1 »

I'd tell you not to worry. Google counts most of the links even when it doesn't show them. Just keep an eye on your rankings. If they get worse it might be because some of your BL lost value, but the fact that they're not showing when you use the query doesn't mean much.

And Google shows BL coming from pages with a PR lower than 4.

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