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John Smith
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New on Google submit site

Post by John Smith »

To help us distinguish between sites submitted by individuals and those automatically entered by software robots, please type the squiggly letters shown here into the box below.

Google have added this when you put a new site forward to them to go into their search engine. It will stop all those who ask you to pay them to submit your site into Google.


Post by seaboat »

Not sure about this. Can it really block auto submission software :?:

Can anyone give more details?


Post by seaboat »

Google may try to apply this feature gradually.

For its submission pages like or, you need to key in the squiggly letters manually everytime.

But at its international submission page (, the "squiggly letters" feature hasn't been applied. I am using a submission software, which uses this URL to submit my web pages.

It makes me confusing at the beginning and that's why I posted my previous message. It's clear now :wink:

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Post by Edgar »

I wonder how those programs that automate the task of submitting your site to google are going to do. :?


Post by HealthInfo »

In addition, once you submit, it takes time before google indexes your site. It will usually come by for a topical crawl, and return later for a deeper crawl.

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Post by TravelandHoliday »

I have a site which took four months to be indexed by google... :cry:
sanbox effect?
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