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Post by SAMMYIFE »

I watched one of Alliport's videos where he uploaded a new site, had some pages indexed by 48 hrs and much more by 72 hours and over 500 pages indexed by google in a week.
There must definitely be some strategies that make google bot to come over and over again not only to index one or a few pages but hundreds.
This is definitely not a coincidence when you think of the callibre of Alliport as a webmaster.
Over to anyone with clues.
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Post by kremit »

Dont submit.

Get good content on your site with proper keyword density, near the top of the page. Make your title tag properly.

Get pages with a pagerank to link to your site. Ive seen sites listed in less than 3 hours on Google ny this method.
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Post by overdriveelectronics »

Google is all about some quality links, the more links you have, the faster google will index your site. They will follow the links from the sites that they crawl regularly to your site, then index yours. Work on getting links!

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Post by mandar-seo »

Yes, what matters is ranking and more important is that high ranking for the competitive keywords. It is no point in getting rank for yriasdfjfooksdf keyword which no one will punch in for searching.

I do not think that there is any quick method for getting indexed quickly unless you start your project on Google hosting (googlepages. com). I heard many claims that get indexed in x hours. The methodology they say is getting links from quality sites with high PR. So when google bots will crawl there sites they will come to the promoting site. Do you all really think that this all will happen in that x hours? Correct me if I am wrong...

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Post by Jemev6 »

hi guys,
I need your help. My site been visited by Google bot few times with some hit pages, but i don't understand why it still nothing when i search on Google. Pls advice


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Post by Torsten »

My experience is that I got sites indexed after a few days, if I had submitted links to them on blogs. Another interesting observation I made was, that links to new sites appeared after a few weeks on google. After a while they disappeared again - Actually this happened also with some backlink counters. There were different results for different national google extensions i.e.,,, etc.
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