Google Maps: Fresh out of Google Labs

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Google Maps: Fresh out of Google Labs

Post by ric »

Nifty new offering from the hard working (and well paid) innovators at the G.

- Map data from TeleAtlas, including very fast map loading/rendering when changing zoom levels. Play around with the zoom tool on the left (I tried to max zoom into the Atlantic Ocean hoping to see some fish, but was unrewarded).

- Integrated (as you'd expect) business listings, which have a red balloon icon displayed over it's geo-tagged location. Try a 'Mcdonalds in New York' search. Mouse-over the balloon and a great pop-up displaying address/phone/name and related businesses will show up.

- Directions (needs a little more work) - currently text based form without selectors, no doubt this will be tidied up.

Is it just me or are G Labs launching new beta products every few weeks. I know their mantra is to excel in one area rather than being good in many, but it seems like G are all over anything to do with 'searching'.

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Post by HealthInfo »

Looks good, although mapquest seems to have a solid position on the market. If Google comes up with better features, more will use it.

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