Google Sitemap and Submitexpress Link Popularity

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Google sitemaps have no impact on links to your site. It MAY help you get some pages indexed, but with no guarantees.

To get more links on google/inktomi, just get some good quality links to your site from pages with a pagerank. If the page has a higher pagerank, you are more likely to have Google pick up that link to your site, and inktomi links are about the same as Google links in the link checker.
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Re: Google Sitemap and Submitexpress Link Popularity

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nfr816 wrote:Hello -

I have submitted a Google sitemap for the site and registered it with Google. What I don't understand is how the Submittexpress link pop report only shows 4 links. When I type "" in Google, I get 464 but only 4 are displayed. The sitemap lists more than 9,000 URLs on the site. Can someone please shed some light on this?

(I am also having the problem with Yahoo! and Altavista whereby not all links submitted are shown.) Also, I can't get anything submitted to Hotbot/Intkomi and the submitexpress linkpop report always shows 0!

Any ideas?


I think submitexpress linkpop is a very handy web tool.
Nothing wrong with submitexpress linkpop.

site: ---> this is for site (been indexed) pages
link: ---> this is the one you may need to use for link pop (backlinks)

also different DCs with different time will have different results
Google DC1: 3 /10 cache BLs 4 index 450 term
Google DC2: 3 /10 cache BLs 4 index 449 term
Google DC3: 3 /10 cache BLs 4 index 427 term
Google DC4: 3 /10 cache BLs 0 index 450 term
Google DC5: 3 /10 cache BLs 0 index 450 term
Google DC6: 3 /10 cache BLs 0 index 430 term
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If you want to see more links results in Google, type in the search bar instead of

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You need to do to find out backlinks and to find out how many pages you have indexed.
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