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Supplemental page results

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Hello all,

I've just noticed that about 20-25% of my pages/site form signature/ appear as supplemental results. What I was able to find about these is that google supplements them when there is duplicate content, bad-spam-repeated keywords/titles or there are no internal links to them. But none of the above concerns my pages - they all have Absolutely Unique content/keywords and are well linked..even with external deep links! For examle you can see the "attractions" page of Salzburg, or this one: ... am_See.htm
And even additionally, the whole site is long session ID's
Please can anyone help??? Some of these pages were very well ranked, and now I can't find them in the first 50 results while used to be on first page for the destionation name + touristinfo :cry:
I can't understand why exactly these pages - they are some small villages, and there's almost no info about them on the web.
I also read somewhere that there is no way to return them to the normal/main google's index...unless you move the page to new URL?! Is that true???
And finally, I have a few more static sites, which are a bit content-poor and linked/keyworded the same way - they have no supplemental pages!

I'd really appreaciate any help and comments.


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