Is Google going Pay Per Click only?

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Is Google going Pay Per Click only?

Post by Eavesy »

Some guy I was just speaking to said that he had heard that google is going Pay Per click only in Januray, is there any truth in this or is it just a load of rubbish?
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Post by viradian »

Google knows that going pay per click only would be a big mistake. People tend to trust organic listings more than the sponsored search. I think they would lose their user base if they went PPC only.

Also, I think another engine went to sponsored listings only and ended up failing miserably. I think it was Ask Jeeves, but I'm not sure...

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Post by overdriveelectronics »

It was ask jeeves and then they revamped and went to just and have both. Google would be gone if they only used ppc. many cannot compete on a ppc basis and people dont really like sponsored links. Searching would be decreased dramatically!

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