Information required on how to increase google search rating

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You need anchor text links to push your site up for certain phrases , in this forum for instance in your signature rather then just having your URL, have a text link pointing to your URL i.e. if you are targeting online p0ker games then have a text link saying online p0ker games pointing to your website, the more of these you can get the higher you will rank for online p0ker games, you can gain anchor text links by submiting to directories go to click on the free directory list and work down it from the top on each submission the directory will ask you for a link title, in the link title use the phrase online p0ker games for instance and keep doing it!
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Don't forget to submit your site to the bookmark sites. Many of them have a high PageRank plus many people use them.

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hi all
Thanks for the advise you gave him Eavesy!
i am a new site owner and i dident know that placing a anchor text in links is the way to get beter rankings.ive had my website for 5 months now and in all of my link exchanges ive used my domain name.then a short description

like this.

online auction buy and sell and make cash

i will be changing the way i link exchange in the future
thanks for the tips :D

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