google changes algo???

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google changes algo???

Post by abraxas »

Hey all,

Do you think there is smth special going on with G???..for sure there is always smth going on, but these days it seems strange to one of my static sites - SUPPLEMENTAL results go back to the normal index, FROM THE NORMAL INDEX, pages with lots of deep links to them and of course unique content go suppl.... wtf?? I do not really belive these pages are in the suppl. indx., because some of them now appear at first place for their best optimizied keywords! I just dont understand this search engine..
Additionally, for just one day half of my pages are not in any google's index...
Anyone, any idea? I doubt they are changing smth deeply.., or they are keeping and just keep doing the same ultra not?adequate results coming..


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Post by Eavesy »

I have noticed alot of changes over the last couple of days.
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Post by viradian »

Something could be going on...I just noticed the other day a lot of my pages dropped out of the index, but they seem to be back today.

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