How To maintain the keyword Position in Search

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How To maintain the keyword Position in Search

Post by alice.erin »

After doing hard work it pays off and i am able to get the top postions in the google for competetive keywords such as mobile phones,mobile phone deals,mobile phone shop for site
Now,my question is that what should be done to maintain the search engine positions as we all know that no one knows when google is going to change its search algo.
what are the tips and guidelines to follow to remain at the top.As,i remember a quote:
"Its hard to come at the top but it's more difficult to stay at the top for a long time"

Your suggestions are Welcome.
alice erin

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Post by viradian »

The way to maintain your top position would be to keep trading links with quality, related sites...Just because you get the number 1 spot does not mean you should quit offpage optimization. If other sites keep optimizing behind you, they will eventually overtake you. So keep making link exchanges, keep updating your site and you will be ok.

Also I agree that being number 1 is great, but you will still get good traffic if you are listed in the first 10 listings.

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