New site - how to improve ranking in Google

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New site - how to improve ranking in Google

Post by pokermaster »

I am almost ready to put my new site on line now. I have spent the past week looking in to sio ect, and I think I have done ok. I have no incoming links yet but Im working on that. When I use the Meta tag analyser on this site it gives me a result of either 75% or 80% for keywords which is 'fair' description and title are better.
My questions are:
1.At the moment I have no external links on my home page. They are not necessary and I don't want my visitors to go elsewhere after the 1st click. Will making a side navbar (for the hell of it) with related external links improve my google ranking?
2. My site contents and keywords are Very common websearches for sure. I am offering a better deal than my competitors (imo), however I cannot really differentiate by region or brand. I am reasonably new at this and I know there are many pros out there with many secrets. Do I have any chance at a 1st page rank at google? I have thought of different strategys such as, paying for a garunteed front page which Im willing to do as long as it is legit, and I also thought of buying a seperate domain filling it with keywords and redirecting it to my site (dont know if this is possible) but where should I go from here?


Post by pokermaster »

Thanks very much for your advice.

I have no external links on my home page and dont intend to put any there at the moment. I have exchanged links with 6 or so sites with similar keywords and that all have first page ranking for those words.

The #1 sites with my keywords generally offer banner advertising as you said but I just feel the price they are asking is way too much.

I was thinking about giving google add words a try.Is this a good idea? and would this get me indexed in the main search imediately?

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Post by richb »

Once get rank in google, did it will drop as well?

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Post by etech-racheal »

wwhhing wrote:Once get rank in google, did it will drop as well?
Yep, if you get rank in google, then it will drop as well. To retain your rank, it is important to use targeted keywords in your content, add fresh content in your site, and try to get more relevant backlinks.

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Post by alppat007 »

it is very difficult to maintain top ranking at google

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