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Funny Video| Marriage Ke Side Effects | Housewife Comedy Funny | comedy scenes| |Funny Clip Epi 2

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:43 am
by filmeditorpro
Funny Video| Marriage Ke Side Effects | Housewife Comedy Funny | comedy scenes| |Funny Clip Epi 2

Funny show marriage ke side effect Kaas mere pati smart hote ep2 story
I am in home alone and enjoy with tea and singing song when my wife go outside that time i am so happy,
but when she comes at home i am confused, my wife eys is danger and always not understand me, and ignore me,
always trying to she is happy like shopping cinema and etc but she does not come with me bcoz I am funny hahaha
my friend please please subscribe this channel and wait for my next ep3 coming soon, like also comment also, and share it

Husband Wife Funny Videos | Side Effects |#Housewife #Comedy #Funny | Husband And Wife Vines

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:45 am
by filmeditorpro
[b]Husband Wife Funny Videos | Side Effects |#Housewife #Comedy #Funny | Husband And Wife Vines
Boni And Jeni Husband and wife comedy show Marriage ke side effect, boni housewife comedy and very funny,
husband is smart but every time flert with wife like vines , he is always doing to drama with funny wife,
he is know yoga but but morning he doing dance and wife is seen what he is doing stupid and then she is ask
now i can teach you yoga and he is doing yoga, after then face full macup and he is come at home and talk with wife
i am but wife is not know it he is my husband, but he is talk about it i am looking randvir and taiger, she is ask sada hua kela
then after wash face in home and she is seen who is he, then she is soked and ask Ae Ni Mane

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