Will new MSN Search over take Google and Yahoo?

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Will new MSN Search over take Google and Yahoo within 2 years?

Poll ended at Sun Feb 27, 2005 3:50 pm

Yes, it will over take both Google and Yahoo.
No, it will never over take Google, but it might over take Yahoo.
No, it will not over take either of them
Maybe. I don't know the answer. Anything is possible.
MSN will buy either Google or Yahoo and then become #1
Total votes: 11


Hells no

Post by franklyfact »

Hell no.
MSN can't catch up to this beast. They can try, but they can't just give away search for free since... it is free. And all those "paid to surf" programs died eyars ago... hummmmm actually... come to think of it. If people pay an average of 30 cents a click nowadays, and MSN figured out a way to give that part back as a rebate to the surfer, hell we'd be having people getting paid 10 cents per search...

I change my answer... if they pay their people, then yes.


Post by john »

I dont think that msn search is better then google or yahoo.

many of my friends and I dont use msn search.

I would say No


Post by bb99 »

i dont think so, unless MSN buy Yahoo and Google. Msn got to improve their homepage, make it faster(less flash)....


Post by getta »

I understand they use multi-search method. the one conk.com is using. if the search would be better and available on browsers, Microsoft will beat yahoo
on search.
But Microsoft never beat Google that creating its own browser, and will improve search methods. they simply live happily side by side.

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Post by Edgar »

In 2 years MSN might be able to take over Yahoo but I doubt it will ever do the same with Google.

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Post by susu_coklat »

MSN must improve their search engine. Sometimes I waste my time to wait the result.

OK, MSN will improve their search engine but Google and Yahoo will do it too. So I thinks MSN need miracle to over take Google and Yahoo :)

I like google because the fast. I like Yahoo because the more clean than Google.

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Post by paresh »

No because of simple reason.Google will remain the fastest search engine & all of them love google & r aacustomed to use it during their day to day internet activities.I personally use google more than 10-20 times a day


Post by BusinessMinds »

Although I get a considerable visits from MSN to mysite than Google. However, I feel that Google has become the brand name worldwide when it comes to quality searching.


Post by dgribbons »

I think a year from now, they'll all be somewhat equal. Google will always be a strong player, but Google has it's problems. Click fraud and spamming are 2 of Googles big problems. Yahoo is relentless. They hit my sites 3 or 4 times a day. Whenever I put up a new site, Yahoo is always the first to spider it, and with all my sites, Yahoo sends me the most traffic. MSN is the wild card here. Bill Gates has stated that he has made it a priority to take on Google. Many people have lost fortunes betting against the richest man in the world. What Bill wants, Bill gets.

If you've got a site, you'd do yourself a favor by paying attention to all three of them.

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Post by richb »

I believe will still maintain its first position within 3 years.

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Post by overdriveelectronics »

since google is king right now they have a lot of stress to keep it that way. I believe one day google might not be the top search engine anymore. If that happens then seo as we know it will change!

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Post by overdriveelectronics »

Good catch on that one, thats what I meant! SEO wont change. Its true, google has revolutionized the industry and we will have to follow whatever comes next!

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Post by lajocar »

With all the talent that Google have it will take a miracle for MSN search to overtake Google in two years

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