Search tips for MSN

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Search tips for MSN

Post by susanjohnyba »

Most of the tips on search engines address google and sometimes google but I hear very little about MSN. It feels as if the freelancer and the small businesses ignore it eithre because it is just too corporate or simply irrelevant.

Are there any tricks or tips for getting the prime spots on MSN or is it just too full of big corporations to be worth the effort?

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Post by elena21 »

My sites is indexen by google, yahoo other search engines, but msn doesn't crawl them at all.I can't understand WHY?

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Post by articlemaster »

MSN has a different algorithm and i am not much into MSN.
Most of my traffic comes from google and yahoo.But i do think that its time to look into bing as its going to snatch some search engine user's of google and yahoo.

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Post by myndconsulting »

Use the Bing Webmaster tool to determine the page scores of your web pages. Their keyword tool is a good place to determine the relevancy of your web pages based on an entered keyword / key phrase.

I've used this tool in improving my company's ranking on SERPs.

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Post by webmania »

Bing said to be the best search function on the web so far, providing the most accurate and new results. Lets wait and see

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Post by KrazyG »

webmania wrote:Bing said to be the best search function on the web so far, providing the most accurate and new results. Lets wait and see
Well I don't think that's a very true statement. It's a new engine and it is still on Beta version. It might still have errors and issues about how it is built. I still prefer search results of Google and Yahoo.

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Post by signaltelevision »

Bing is new search engine so right now people are not using it much. So right now i have no problem with Bing. I am not looking for Bing. Once if it become famous than i will start focusing on it.

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Post by mdamin76 »

Anyone can get top spot on bing, not only open to big player in the market.

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Post by workinghealth »

So far I'm doing ok with Bing.

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Post by avoid-debt »

yes ofcourse your right everyone can get the top rank on bing...
it ia always depend on your site (quality)

mdamin76 wrote:Anyone can get top spot on bing, not only open to big player in the market.
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Post by calnettech »

I think Bing not good, Not real information on top3 (almost)
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Post by rayter »

I'm not so familiar with the interface of Bing. But I know for a fact that it gives more weight to onpage factors (content) than backlinks.

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Post by leahmarie »

I think Bing is doing and experimental and unique way in ranking sites through quality and fresh contents

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Post by itsupportservice »

you can use Bing Webmaster tool.

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Re: Search tips for MSN

Post by bayoisa »

Since it just only new it is not quite popular to people to use it but I found Bing okay. :mrgreen:
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