BING on the rise

This forum is for discussion of BING (formerly MSN Search or Live Search).
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Post by dylan55 »

well, Bing is nice too like Yahoo and Google. Actually it was accurate in searching keywords on it.

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Post by chauhan »

Bing has started well but now it has not got that much user because Google is more accurate compare to it.
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Post by medbook »

I agree Bing is getting better.

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Post by weightgonenow »

Though bing is new search engine yet it have ability to beat google.
it is improving itself day by day.i think in future it will be the best.

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Post by mercedes »

usually some tools for checking kw rankings are not accurate, but try use

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Post by RoscoeRollOff »

I think BING as good as Google already.

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Post by probafix »

But i think not good as compare to google...
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Post by mdamin76 »

I noticed this too. It happens after they changed their SE to Bing.

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Re: BING on the rise

Post by izluntz »

It is a good thing to hear that Google has a strong competitor. Giants like Google need to understand that they are not the only search in town and that they should also rise to the occasion and time.
I am going to use Bing more often from now on.

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Re: BING on the rise

Post by cfoo »

I agree that bing is going up with such improvement, but how far can they go, it's hard to predict.

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Re: BING on the rise

Post by mrandrei »

I read somewhere that the number of searches on Microsoft's Bing search engine increased 70% last year. However, it's still not enough to defeat Google.

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Re: BING on the rise

Post by kyleph »

I've heard this issue before but I think Google will also give a major improvement in their overall system. On the end Bing is not actually can't surpass google.

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Re: BING on the rise

Post by jasoncleark »

Bing is very good search engine to use.Some time it will show you better search than google,like local search is always better than google in compare Google Maps and Bing maps And watch same location Bing will show me more places name than google.Bing is very good alternative of .Thanks for sharing

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Re: BING on the rise

Post by izluntz »

I don't particularly like Bing but it was expected.

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Re: BING on the rise

Post by surajdeshmukh »

Nice to see bing increasing its search market share than Yahoo, and is trying to compete with google.
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