Bing develop suggestions for search queries films and learning materials

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Bing develop suggestions for search queries films and learning materials

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September 9, 2016 the company announced Bing has updated capabilities query suggestions in the search of relevant user name film, the scientific literature, learning to deliver the fastest results, precision Best.

- According to the latest announcement, Bing initially launched the autocomplete feature his new surrounding the search query at the beginning of this year. Technology designed by a team of Microsoft Academic Search, self-improvement proposal to identify new keywords related to academic keyword suggestion for the user, ... explore the relationship between the papers, authors, topics and publications through the primary keywords. "
- Bing said the academic queries like "search for all documents by an author", "search for a separate article written by co-authors", or "find an article about a specific topic be presented at a conference "will be suggested automatically complete real time which is" best suited "to search.

- When users search for related movies, Bing said the autocomplete feature new tag their newly updated help users build their search queries by analyzing natural language input user, and then determines the speed of search with lightning fast processor to display search results the fastest, most accurate.

- Finishing Bing search suggestions based on previous queries of users and search trends, Bing said the autocomplete feature newly updated for film analysis, scientific data do even if it's the first time ever query is searched on the site: "Update this can create extensions for search queries even when no user has ever searched first, to allow additional, recommended relevant search keywords that the user may not have known to be analyzed gives results.
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