What items do you pick up?

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What items do you pick up?

Post by furniturebank »

We pick up all types of household furniture including kitchen items, housewares, artwork, TVs and any other items you expect in a home.

However, they need to be:

In a good, useable condition.
The furniture we receive will find its way into the home of one of our clients. As such, we will only accept items that can be used as intended (and loved!) by the furniture recipient. As long as your item of furniture or houseware has been gently used, we’d love to have it.

Free standing and no larger than 6 feet.
Our clients are families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness and displacement, and in the large majority of cases, they are moving into smaller, 1 bedroom / bachelor apartments. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to move in, set up and get back on their feet, so we do not accept large, bulky items to ensure that their delivery and set up in the client’s apartment is as quick and easy as possible.

For more details contact us:- http://www.furniturebank.com/

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Re: What items do you pick up?

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I think you should give some more details about this in order to get a useful response. What website, what positions etc etc?

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