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Quickbooks Support || Customer Service Phone Number - QuickBooks Support |Customer Service

Postby quickbookssupportno » Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:06 am

Fix Bank Feeds Web Connect import issues and errors

Quickbooks Payroll Support Number +1 877-756-9341.
A system generated list of financial transactions in your bank account is called bank feed. This has been a part of financial accounting software for a long time now. It’s an online banking feature in QuickBooks Support that help you to connect to the bank to fetch the transactions online. It gives you an effective platform to process banking transactions in accounting needs and hence you get your time to focus on your business. There are more than 1400 financial institutions providing bank feed service to QuickBooks. So you just need active internet connection and bank account with the bank that offers bank feed services for QuickBooks.
• You did all the efforts but resulted in an error 3371 with Status Code -11118 or Status Code -1.
QuickBooks support number has a team of IT experts which can solve your all QuickBooks issue with in few minutes to get help from us call now at +1 877-756-9341.
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There are two ways to fetch the banking transactions –
• Importing Bank Feeds by connecting to bank – direct access
• Downloading .QBO file from bank website online and importing it to QuickBooks.
While connecting the bank feeds through Web Connect you may encounter the following issues, warnings or errors.
• Error Code OL -222: QB found error and can’t read the file (from financial institution) sent.
• An Error occurred while processing online banking data
• Your Data is not imported in QuickBooks
• QB is unable to verify the Financial Institution information for this Download
• QB prompts for new or existing account while download
Issues you may encounter while importing Web Connect is due to the following factors
• Invalid information or Format is not valid for the .QBO file
• QB cannot read .QBO file provided
• Financial Institution does not support import into QuickBooks.
• .QBO file provided is of older version and not support by QB online banking service
• Type of file provided is not .QBO file. .QFX, .IIF, .CSV, etc. are not supported to download bank feeds.
• QuickBooks version is not supported for Online banking transactions
Direct download from bank website (outside QuickBooks)
• Open the Bank website on the separate browser
• Go to download transactions
• Download and Save .QBO file to desktop
• In QuickBooks, main menu from top
• Select File -> Utilities -> Import -> Web Connect files
• Browse the file from location, select the file and click Open
• Complete the Import process following the import wizard
If the import fails then we strongly suggest you to dial QuickBooks Tollfree number to get instant support from dedicated QuickBooks certified Pro-Advisors. QuickBooks Support Pro-Advisors are the best resource for understanding and troubleshooting the issues related to QuickBooks. Dial QuickBooks Tollfree number and get your issues resolved by our reliable resources.

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Re: Quickbooks Support || Customer Service Phone Number - QuickBooks Support |Customer Service

Postby quickbookssupportno » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:30 am

QuickBooks Error Support -6177, 0
We have been using QuickBooks Support for years now and errors are may occur majorly due to environment failure. There are specific error codes defined for each error which indicates the exact cause of the failure. If you are in such error situation all you required to do is keep your patience, follow the steps provided below or call QuickBooks Error Support and get guaranteed instant help on the error from dedicated QuickBooks Pro-advisors. Quickbooks support number
What does QuickBooks Error -6177, 0 means?
The QuickBooks Error -6177 means the path of the QuickBooks company file location is either not accessible or the permission to the company file location is not granted in the network. This error appears when you try to open the company file on the network with the following message: Quickbooks support Number
QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file. Before you can open the company file from your computer you must first open the company file on the computer where the company file is located. (-6177, 0)
The first step towards the resolution to the QuickBooks error -6177 is to ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop is up to date with recent version of updates. Follow the steps below
QuickBooks Support Desktop Update:
• Go to top File menu, Click on Close Company/Logoff.
• Go back to the File menu, then click Exit.
• Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon on your desktop, then Click on Run as administrator.
• Click Yes to User access controls screen and provide admin user name and password if required.
• On the Company file selection screen, go to the Help menu then Select Update QuickBooks
• Click on to the Options tab, then choose Mark All. Click Save.
• Click on the Update Now tab, then check the Reset Update box.
• Click on Get Updates button.
• After Update Completes, Go to File and exit QuickBooks Desktop.
• Re-open QuickBooks Desktop. You will get the message to install update, Click Yes.
• After the installation is completed, restart your computer.
Solution 1: Move the file to the local Computer
• Move the file from the server location to the local Computer desktop.
• Open the file in QuickBooks from the desktop.
• Create a portable file and save it to the desktop.
• Close the company file.
• Restore the portable file from the desktop and save it to the server location.
• Close the company file.
• Open the company file from the server location.

Solution 2: Manually fix -6177, 0
Perform the following steps if you prefer a manual solution.
Go to the server computer that stores company file and close QuickBooks Desktop. Delete the Network Descriptor (*.ND) file:
• Go to the company file location and find the file with an .ND file extension; it looks something like Company_File_Name.QBW.ND.
• Right click the .ND file and click Delete.
Re-Configure the QuickBooks Database Manager:
• Click the Windows Start button and choose Programs -> QuickBooks -> QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Or in Windows 8/10, on your keyboard, press Windows key and enter QuickBooks Database Manager in search, and then click QuickBooks Database Manager.
• Click the Add Folder.
• Locate the folder with the QuickBooks company file and click OK.
• Click the Scan button. The company files found list shows all the company files QuickBooks Database Server Manager is hosting.
• As the scan completes, click Close.
• Check for the company file access permissions from Windows.
• Go to Setup folder permissions to share company files page to verify permissions are set up correctly.
Go to Client computer and open QuickBooks, open the desired file and check if the issue still persists, dial QuickBooks Error support and directly get connected to QuickBooks certified Pro-advisor. Our dedicated support pro-advisors are highly experienced to resolve all the errors on QuickBooks.

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Re: Quickbooks Support || Customer Service Phone Number - QuickBooks Support |Customer Service

Postby quickbookssupportno » Tue May 07, 2019 6:57 am

How to do Payroll Taxes – Understanding Payroll Tax
Now since we are done with initial understanding of Payroll setup, it’s time to understand Payroll taxes and how to setup payroll taxes in QuickBooks Support Desktop Payroll.
QuickBooks Support Number Payroll taxes are the taxes paid by the employer based on the wages paid to their employees and the taxes withheld from each employee’s Paychecks. After hiring the employee in the on boarding process Form-W4 is provided to fill up the details which determine the amount of Federal income tax need to withhold from their paychecks. This Form-W4 information is updated as the significant life events of the employee changes the withholding like marriage, kids, divorce, etc. This Form-W4 is state specific and can be downloaded from bureau of labor statistics. The taxes include the following heads. error support

• Social Security and Medicare.
• Federal and State Unemployment.
• Personal Income Tax – Federal and State.
• Other State Taxes – Miscellaneous Taxes.
Usually Employee payroll Taxes are made of the following components
• Federal Income Tax
• State Income Tax
• Social Security
• Medicare
Employer share includes the following heads
• Federal Unemployment Tax
• State Unemployment Tax
• Social Security
• Medicare

Component Employer Share Employee’s Share Total Cap
Social Security 6.2% 6.2% 12.4% $ 132,900
Medicare 1.45% 1.45% 2.9% No Limit
State Unemployment Variable None Variable Variable
Federal Unemployment 6% None 6% $ 7,000

Social Security:
Social Security Payroll Tax is paid by both employee and employer. Employer withholds employee portion of tax and pay state and federal regulated tax for the employer portion. The amount withheld is 6.2% for both employer and employee. Payroll Tax for Social security has a cap on wages of $132,900 per annum.

Payroll Tax – Medicare is paid by both employee and employer. Employer withholds the employee share and also pays the federal and state regulated tax for employer share. Employee rate for Medicare tax is 1.45% however the rate increases 2.35 percent on wages over $200,000 per annum.
Employer rate of Medicare tax is 1.45 percent, irrespective of the change in wages. The Medicare employer share is paid on all the earning of the employee.
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA):
Federal unemployment program provided unemployment compensation to employees who have lost their jobs. The effective rate of FUTA tax is 6 percent however in most cases employer qualifies for 5.4 percent state unemployment tax credit. The FUTA tax applied to first $7000 of wages paid by the employer to employee.
If the payroll taxes seems difficult to understand or facing issues handling the Payroll Taxes. Don’t worry call QuickBooks Payroll Support and get instant solution from our best QuickBooks payroll certified Pro-Advisors.
Thanks for sharing.

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