How much you know about Bing ??

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How much you know about Bing ??

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Since that time, Bing has gained market share, though it remains far behind Google and even Yahoo. However, Bing also has cut a deal that will let it “power” the results that Yahoo carries. That will give it more indirect reach. Meanwhile, it continues to spend on marketing, which is even managing to get a few people to say that they “Bing It.”
Major Bing Services
a)Bing provides more than web search. Below are a few of our popular Bing categories, where you can read past coverage:
b)Bing: Our “everything” category for anything specifically to do with Bing, especially its search products and features.
c)Bing Mobile: Coverage of Bing’s efforts in the mobile search space.
d)Bing Maps & Local: Bing Maps is a serious challenger to Google Maps and offers an interesting array of “map apps” for particular searches.
e)Bing SEO: Articles from us about getting listed for free via SEO in the Bing search engine.
f)Bing Travel: Bing’s travel search has gained much attention, especially for its fare prediction service.
g)Microsoft adCenter: Stories about Bing’s paid search advertising program.
h)Microsoft: Our “everything” category, this lists all stories we’ve written about Microsoft and Bing, regardless of subtopic.How much do you know about BING ?
Even though it may only cover 5% of the search market, doesn’t make it less important than other digital marketing platforms.The Bing network has proven to be an extremely successful cost effective advertising platform for the SME market.Delivering the lowest cost per lead when stacking up against any other platform, Bing must be considered in devising your marketing strategy.Bing is deceivingly larger than you think. In a rapidly growing market, ensuring your business is exposed on multiple platforms ensures you will be leaving no stone unturned.
The Bing platform has 2 very strong competitive edges as a marketing platform.
Unique Audience – Bing courts an affluent audience
1. 1/3 of Bing Network audience has a household income of $100k
2. 65% of Bing Users are house owners
3. 57% of the Bing network are white-collar workers
4. 1/3 of the Bing network audience hold a bachelor degree or higher
Cost Effective
1. The average cost per click on Bing is significantly lower
2. In some verticals/industries, 90% cheaper in average cost per click
Don’t ignore this market!
Bing is the default search engine on Amazon Kindle’s native browser, SilkTV on FireTV and on Bing Videos on Echo Show
Bing is the default search engine on Microsoft Edge, SPAM, Office & powering Cortana on Windows 10 devices
Bing provides image search results for Siri on Apple devices
House Owners
65% of Bing users are house owners, with more than 1/3 of the audience has a household income of $100K.
High conversion Rates
35% of Bing users are under the age of 35 , with 56% being female and 44% being male
Online Exposure / Brand Awareness
One of the benefits of getting higher rankings on search engines is building brand awareness. When your website appears on the first page of Google, your potential customers are more likely to trust your brand when they search for a particular term rather than other brands that don’t have a strong web presence.
It’s important to be aware that when it comes to SEO marketing doing too much of something can be just as bad as, and in some cases worse than, not doing enough. A good SEO company will always ask these questions: “Does this appear natural and organic? Is this providing a good user experience?” So, as the most reputed SEO Company in India , we should act smartly and maintain the market standards, you will be adversely affected by the updates of search engine. Your visibility in the marketplace will reduce, your competitors will become more powerful, and slowly you will start losing your customer base.
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