how to increase website traffic

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how to increase website traffic

Post by parthakolkata1 »

I have two websites, one lists important dates and events from world history [ ] and the other is an online collection of popular jokes and quotes [ ].

I have submitted the site urls to major search engines and directories, but still unable to drive traffic to the sites.

Can anyone please suggest, how to increase the traffic to the sites.

Thanks in advance.

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Post by rayter »

Submitting your sites to SEs and directories isn't enough to boost your traffic. You need to do more linkbuilding and site promotion techniques such as social bookmarking, forum posting, link exchange, etc.

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Post by cecille20 »

^ yeah right! While I'm optimizing my websites in Google. I'm doing twitter, facebook and youtube for promotions. Because you really need to promote your websites to get a good traffic while waiting for a good rankings in Google.

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Post by dylan55 »

Do social bookmarking and social networking in order to drive traffics.

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Post by joelietz »

don't forget youtube and other video sites area a great way to gain traffic - keep your site link in your youtube profile bio and also provide the videos on your site embedded from youtube. Your content has to be good though.

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Post by Wishbone »

Yeah social networking is one of best source of traffic, but to be successful you really need to work of building your traffic and sharing very interesting topics..
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Post by probafix »

Socialbook marking sites like twitter, facebook etc may help you.
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Post by mdamin76 »

If your site is still new, it won't get traffic immediately. You need to do optimization and one day it'll come up with good results.

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Re: how to increase website traffic

Post by doreengonzales »

Well, aside on improving your content. You can do SMO as well. Social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter can drive traffic as well.

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Re: how to increase website traffic

Post by cjnovus »

charge for some links

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Re: how to increase website traffic

Post by darenmatt »

Submitting your sites to SEs and directories isn't enough to increase your interchange. You condition to do writer linkbuilding and tract promotion techniques specified as mixer bookmarking, assembly notice, attach interchange, etc.

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Re: how to increase website traffic

Post by jesse12 »


If you goes for the following activities then sure you will get a high traffic to your website.
article submission, directory submission, blog submission, SMO and social bookmarking
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Re: how to increase website traffic

Post by YKG »

Increase your more traffic, Forum posting and bokmarking

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Re: how to increase website traffic

Post by Zoe »

To increase your website traffic. Do SEO techniques like Directory submission, Social Bookmarking, Forum and Blog posting, Social media, Article Submission. My best techniques for the increase my website traffic are Directory Submission (High PR), Social Bookmarking (High PR), Blog Commenting and Forum posting. :)

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Re: how to increase website traffic

Post by justkrissi »

I've recently launched my site :

I've been trying to register it on as many free business index sites as possible, i've posted tweets and created a facebook page. I've also started joining relevant forums and posting comments.

My site has been active for a couple of weeks but when I use some of the free seo tools out there to check the links to my site they still say 0. How long will it take for the links to start showing up?


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