Free Search Engines Submission

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Free Search Engines Submission

Post by syedayazpk »

I Have need Search Engines Submission .Plzz tell free Search Engines
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Post by ben_tambling »

search engine submission can't help your site rank well in a specific SE... I suggest link building and making your site SE friendly can help you gain SERP and PR...

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Post by luxury_homes_ »

Try to submit your site to free directories and try to get links from site which have PR or prelisted this will make automatically list your site in most popular search engines. Mast search engines are free to submit your site. :)

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Post by guinanie »

You can also submit your site to this link.

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Post by dee_el07 »

Let SE's find your site.. better build links through forum posting..

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Post by pakistanboy »

Google and Yahoo have value able market of Search Engine.

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Post by Ka-canor »

I don't really submit my site to search engine let them find may site instead of me.

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Post by zeruel »

I don't think that Search Engine submission is a must. I just think it is a waste of time. There are other ways that you can do that is far more better than submitting to SEs. Let them find you naturally.

Puneet Thakkar
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Post by Puneet Thakkar »

u dont need to submit your site to search engines ... as they automatically crawl sites or blogs having good content or something uniqueness
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Post by Teena12 »

leftybogs wrote:hope this can help..

Hi really very nice tool i saw so many free search engine submissions tools but all are limited 20 or 40 i think in 140.

Thanks for sharing

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Re: Free Search Engines Submission

Post by my_misyel »

syedayazpk wrote:I Have need Search Engines Submission .Plzz tell free Search Engines
:?: :?: :?: :o

Just submit your site to major SEs. And it will crawl naturally :D

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Doing it again

Post by JobsWages »

I used to do SE submits for all my new pages.
Then I just did it for new sites.
Then I just made sure google knew about it.

With so much competition out there I started to do it again (a little bit).
However, if you are a little patient and have a decent site you should not have to get 'carried away' with doing it.

I use and let it go at that.

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Re: Free Search Engines Submission

Post by prasad5811 »

syedayazpk wrote:I Have need Search Engines Submission .Plzz tell free Search Engines
:?: :?: :?: :o

Try .. easy to submit .. great professional look

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